Dog Collars, Bow Ties & Bandanas

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Showing all 46 results

Our range of luxury dog collars, bow ties, and bandanas are designed with the stylish pooch in mind. Constructed with the highest quality materials, they’re made to make your pup stand out in the crowd, reflecting both their personality and yours.

Our designer dog collars, dog bow ties, and dog bandanas are easy to maintain and clean, which combined with the superb quality of materials used in their design and manufacture means that you can rely on our luxury dog accessories to stand the test of time (and the antics of your adventurous pup).

Designer dog collars for pampered pooches

Dog collars may be a necessity for identifying and walking your pup, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for function over style. We supply the most elegant accessories that add a designer touch to your dog’s look whether they’re large or small, precious or playful.  

We only stock the best quality collars, with strong, resilient clasps so you don’t have to worry about your dog wriggling his or her way free, or returning from the garden or their walk with no collar in sight.

Our designer dog collars are crafted from the strongest, highest quality materials, including rope, leather, and nylon. We also stock designer brands such as Hunter leather dog collars, so you’ll find products in our range that you already know and love.

Choose from our range of; luxury leather dog collars, handmade dog collars, funky patterned dog collars, beaded leather dog collars, designer dog collars, diamond dog collars, embroidered dog collars, Harris Tweed dog collars, floral dog collars, polka dot dog collars, neon dog collars, bandana dog collars.

Dog bow ties for elegant pups

For special occasions, or just for 24/7 dapper dogs, our dog bow ties are the perfect choice for adorning your best friend with an elegant accessory. In a range of colours and styles, there’s a bow tie for every breed and personality, so you can take your pup to any event with a touch of class and sophistication.

Our Islay tweed bow ties for dogs are the finest accessories for the classy canine – the perfect gift for your companion or your dog-loving friend. All of our bow ties are designed to attach to our dog collars, so you can pick complementing styles or go for a contrasting look.

Bandanas for dogs with style

One of the most popular accessories for dogs, a bandana brings out the fun, whimsical side of your beloved pup – these lovely little touches will complement any coat and colour. Browse through our range to choose the style that best suits you and your dog, or choose a selection so that you can always make sure your best pal matches your outfit.

Choose from our range of; polka dot dog bandanas, tartan dog bandanas, floral dog bandanas.


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