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Tips for Driving Safely With Your Dog

dog in car

When we travel with our kids, we ensure they’re strapped in nice and tightly in their car seats. In the same way, our dogs should be taken care of whenever we travel with them. It’s your job as a dog owner to ensure that that the dog travels safely whether they’re afraid of rides or not. It doesn’t matter whether your dog is well-trained or not, travelling can be very exciting or overwhelming for your dog. However, ensuring the safety of the dog can be quite a challenge since you have to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Here are the top 5 tips to help you ensure your dog remains safe as you drive with them:

  1. Keep the Dog on the Back Seat

Having your dog sit on the passenger’s seat may sound like a great idea but this is actually illegal in the UK now. This is rather dangerous and can highly comprise your safety of both you and your dog. Therefore, the safest place to have your dog ride is on the back seat. A dog on the front seat has a potential of causing an accident since they can distract the driver. Even if you swerve and lose control and get knocked against an obstacle without any serious thing happening, the airbags could still deploy. The bag can crush your dog even if they’re kept in their dog carriers.

dog in boot

  1. Have your Pooch Contained

The best way to protect small dog breeds is by keeping them inside their dog carriers. This way, they’re prevented from running around from the back to front seat. They also won’t be able to interfere with your pedals if they’re kept in their pet carriers. The carriers also keep nervous dogs from climbing in your face or howling in your ear while you drive. Dogs kept inside their carriers are less likely to end up as projectiles in case of an accident.

  1. Get a Barrier

If your car can’t contain a crate big enough to accommodate your large dog, you will need to make an installation of a pet barrier to separate the back from the front seat. They’re available as adjustable grates or metal bars. They may also be obtained as a canvas. This canvas can serve as travel beds for big dogs. You can also place these between your back seat and boot so that your dog can sit in your boot (if you have a large enough car).

  1. Belt the Dog In

There are dog seat belts for your canine friends that can be attached to the dog’s harness or dog collar. These are very handy for dogs that are large and can’t fit in the pet carriers. They’re also great if your car doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a barrier. These seat belts also keep your pooch in the car whenever you need to open the doors of your car to load things like groceries. This way, they aren’t able to damage your car while you pop in the shop for some milk.

dog with seat belt

  1. Keep the Head of the Dog Inside the Car

Like most dog’s, your dog will find sticking their heads out the window as you drive very refreshing to them. They do this to enjoy the air rush that carries along smells that are exciting to them and the experience is quite exhilarating for them. However, the rushing wind may be carrying foreign matter in it that may cause injuries by getting into their eyes and ears. When the window is opened, it also gives the dog the temptation to want to jump out. Therefore, you need to ensure that the head’s always inside the car.


There are so many things to think about when you are driving by yourself so make sure that your dog is kept under control. We hope this list has given you something to think about & will help you to understand how important this topic is.