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The Complete Guide to Travelling With Your Dog

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With proper and careful planning, travelling with your dog can make a family vacation full of fun for everyone. However, this can only happen if you everything right from the start. You need to know exactly what to carry and how to plan for everything. If you’re planning to travel with your dog and have no clue where to start, here’s a complete guide to help you make that trip a success.

  1. Prepare for the Health and Safety of Your Dog

At the top of your travel priority list, there should be an outline of how you’ll be ensuring that your dog stays healthy and safe during your trip. In terms of the pooch’s health, take the following into account:

  • Check Up

Whenever you want to go for an extended trip with your furry friend, you should take them to a veterinarian. Ensure all the vaccinations are up to date if you are travelling abroad with your dog. Certifications of health are necessary for such travels, especially airline travel.

  • Food, Water and Medication

A supply of your dogs regular food is also vital for travel. Pick food that has both dry and wet options that ensure excellent taste and has nutritional value for your dog. Enough water is also vital. In case you run out of the water you carried, bottled water can be a great solution. Another important component here is medication, especially if your dog will be due a tablet etc while you are away.

  • Prepare for Emergencies

You need to ensure you have the contact details of the local vets that’s located near the place you’re visiting. You should also have the number of your regular vet in case the local vets need to discuss anything.

  1. Be Sure to Carry Your Dog’s Crate

For keeping your pooch safe in the car and for airline travel, a crate is a very vital item. With it, your dog won’t be able to cause trouble for your host or at the hotel where you’ll be spending your vacation. You can get one from your nearest pet store. However, pick the crate that’s most comfortable and safe for the dog.

dog in boot with cage

  1. Bring Along Identification

Identification is another vital aspect of travelling with a dog. This is especially necessary for the event that your pooch gets away from the family. With proper identification, the chances of recovery will be substantially increased since they can be properly identified. You can even put your current or emergency phone number to make it easy to reach you.

  1. Travelling by Car or Air

If you’ll be travelling by car, ensure that you train your dog sufficiently to make them ready for drives in the car. You can do this by taking small trips to start with and slowly building up to longer trips. To avoid carsickness, let them travel on an empty stomach but ensure you provide them with plenty of drinking water. Your car should be well ventilated and never drive with your dog sticking their head out of an open window. Along the way, you should stop for potty breaks and exercises frequently. Finally, never leave them unattended in a closed car. If you’re to travel by air, ensure that you make reservations for your pooch and be sure to follow all the regulations laid out by the airline you’ll be travelling in.

  1. Practices while Travelling with Your Dog

There are certain best practices to observe while you’re travelling with your canine buddy. You need to plan for bathroom breaks, bring toys and games and carry packed food and water. The food should be a favourite that won’t cause any stomach problems.


With this guide, you’ll definitely make travelling with your dog quite a fulfilling adventure. Make your pooch’s life on the road as enjoyable as possible and you’ll also enjoy yours.