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The best dog-friendly Hotels you should visit.

Dog sleeping on hotel bed

The fact that the dog is a legitimate member of the family can’t be emphasized enough. We travel with our furry family members to most, if not all, of the places we go to. That’s why it’s vital that we go to a hotel, where they should be considered as family. They also need to be attended to the same way we are. Unfortunately, a number of hotels have no room for our pet brothers and sisters. But thankfully, there are also a good number of hotels who love the pets and when we check in with them, they have packages as well. Here are the 5 hotels that will offer great dog services and affordable costs if you’re in search a dog-friendly hotel.

1. Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire
This hotel is located at Winchfield Hampshire. They have their own black Labrador dog trained in Hampshire whose name is Oliver Beckington. The hotel arranges for dog sitting and dog-activities. At a fee of 35 pounds, your dog will get spring water, a packet of food, a dog bowl, and a bed upon arrival at the hotel. However, the hotel has conditions regarding the pets that must be met before your dog is allowed in. The dog must not weigh more than 66 pounds (30 kilograms), must be six months of age or older. They also must be fully house- trained.

2. Cliveden
It’s located in Taplow, Berkshire. This hotel is surrounded by paths of National Trust woodland. These paths are meant to be explored by the dogs and are 250 acres in size. The hotel offers dog-walking and sitting services. The special package for the stay with a dog is set at £35. Included in the package are in-room meals every day, a feeding mat, a water bowl, and a bed.

Dog running through leaves

3. The Goodwood Hotel
Goodwood Hotel is located in Chichester, West Sussex. The hotel offers the dogs their own members’ club which is private. There are also treats that your dog can be given upon request. The treats may include a map showing the most dog-friendly routes in the estate and an organic pig’s ear. You’re allowed to have the dog sleep in your room and they can also access the dining room.

4. Hotel Endsleigh
The Hotel Endsleigh is located in Tavistock, Devon. In this hotel, the pets are allowed access to all the hotel rooms. The rate is £20 per night. However, if you make your booking at Pet Pyjamas, the charges are waved. Upon arrival, the pet’s owner is treated to a glass of champagne and the dog is also offered organic treats.

5. The Milestone Hotel
The Milestone Hotel is situated in Hyde Park, London. The hotel boasts a Concierge for the pets. The dogs are presented with a series of treats on arrival such as Milestone Collar tag and toys. A special letter of welcome detailing places to visit and routes to explore around London is given to your dog when you arrive. The hotel has a pet menu. Your animal can also get a turndown treat.

These 5 hotels are the most dog-friendly found in England. So, if you love going places with your pet dog, consider these 5 as they offer some of the best packages for your lovely dog.