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Should I Use a Dog Collar or a Dog Harness?

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Not sure whether you need a dog harness or if you can get by just with a dog collar, this is something most dog owners think about at least once. Whether you are just at home going on your daily walks or out and about travelling with your furry friend you need to make sure you choose the highest quality dog accessories. Whether it’s a dog collar or dog harness will depend not only on your dogs needs but on your needs too. Bottom line, both parties need to be satisfied with the choice you make. Whether you’ll be travelling with kids and other family members or just the dog, the choice you make will be vital. Some people argue that it’s the dog harness that’s more preferable while others say that a dog collar is better for such cases. Both these lines of arguments are right on their own capacity. Let’s take a look at some of the key points for both arguments:

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Dog Collars

When travelling with the canine friend, their safety and that of you and others in your company are at the top of the list. It’s, therefore, necessary that you take this into account when choosing the type of collar to wear on your dog as you travel. There are many benefits to using the collars but here are the major ones when travelling in the car with your dog:

  1. Makes it impossible for dogs to get out of their restraints even when they try to

When dogs become fearful or excited especially when they’re in new environments, they’re likely to get out of their restraints if a right one wasn’t chosen for them. Certain types of collars like the martingale collar have the ability to keep the dog in the collar even when they try as much as possible. It doesn’t matter whether the head of the dog is wider or narrower. It’ll be sufficiently kept in place and safe for itself and the occupants of the car.

  1. Prevents injuries to the dog’s neck

Well, it’s true that certain collars can cause harm to the dog’s neck, especially when they try to pull. However, one like the martingale collar prevents exactly that from happening to the dog. Such collars don’t get tighter when the dogs try to pull it. They often fit loosely and only tighten when they’re needed to like in the cases when the dog tries to get out of it.

  1. They’re great for training

Whether it’s an old dog that has no experience travelling in cars or it’s a young puppy you want to train to travel with you in the car, the collar is a great choice.

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Dog Harnesses

The harnesses as alternatives to the collars have the following benefits when travelling with your dog:

  1. Offers more control to owner

If you’re a big dog, it can be very difficult to control when you’re travelling and becomes excited about stimuli and scents from the route you’re travelling. With a harness, you have much more control when the dog tries to get things that are outside the car.

  1. Offers Better Safety for the Dog

Without using a special collar on your dog, they may still be able to get out of it and cause havoc as you travel. The harnesses, on the other hand, covers extended parts of the dog’s body making it difficult for the dog to get out.

  1. Helps stop the dog from pulling

Discouraging the pulling behaviour of the dog is more easily and safely done by using a harness than a collar. It makes it difficult for the dog to pull forward, thereby discouraging it from trying the act.


Having looked at the benefits of the collar and harness; the decision lies with you, the dog owner. With this knowledge of the benefits, it could be easier for you to make the right choice since our needs and those of our individual dogs vary greatly.