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Ruby Wreaks Havoc: Mutts & Pups Story Time

Ruby labrador

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Red Fox Labrador called Ruby. Ruby was only a puppy, and was typically very mischievous… she certainly managed to steal a fair few socks, eat the childrens’ (and parents’!) knickers, and generally cause quite a bit of havoc.

However, there was one afternoon when the house was particularly peaceful and quiet… almost too quiet. Ruby’s mum knew her pup was up to no good. She called Ruby a good few times, and after the fourth call, the lab came lolloping out into the garden. Ruby jumped up to join her mum on the sun lounger and immediately began lovingly chewing the armrest.

Ruby naughty pup chewing sun lounger

‘Ruby!’ her mum groaned. When this merited little response, mum distracted Ruby with a good behind-the-ear-scratch.

‘What have you been up to, eh, girl?’ Ruby ignored her mum’s question, either feigning ignorance or simply enjoying the head scratch – it was hard to tell. But the weather was surprisingly good for October and mum was in good spirits; whatever Ruby was up to could certainly wait. ‘Alright then. How about a walk then?’

At the W word, Ruby’s ears darted up, confirming her mum’s theory of her pup’s selective hearing. Mum rolled her eyes with a laugh.

‘C’mon then. Let’s go.’

Out on the walk, Ruby was very well-behaved. In fact, Ruby was always well-behaved on all of her walks, and would keep by mum’s side no matter what. As they took a long stroll through the beautiful countryside just outside Ashby, they came across a surprise!

Mum saw what lay up ahead and gasped. Ruby was sure to wreak havoc here, and sure enough, the well-behaved pup that has padded by her side this whole time was bounding towards what lay on the other side of the fence…

An entire field full of alpacas!

Oh no!

‘Ruby!’ mum called, frantically chasing her mutt across the muddy green. But it was too late. Ruby was already at the alpacas. Mum stopped; jaw dropped. She then began to laugh.

Ruby had stopped just before the fence separating the alpacas from the dirt path, and was inquisitively nuzzling one of the larger llamas. More alpacas were gathering around this strange smaller version of themselves, and nuzzling right back. What a funny sight! In her relief (and amusement) mum chuckled to herself.

Ruby Meets Some Alpacas on a muddy walk

Ruby formed quite a few friendships before it was time to go, but she was ecstatic for the rest of the walk and all the way home, excited and exhilarated from her meeting with the lovely llamas.

But then, mum and pup arrived home.

Ruby remembered her mischief and abruptly ran inside the house. She thought she was quick enough to outsmart her mum, but she was not quick enough. Mum spotted the last of Ruby’s tail disappearing into her bedroom. Uh oh. That can’t be good.

Mum ran in after Ruby, expecting to find the worst – ravaged drawers, chewed underwear, balled-up bedding… but no. For the second time that day, mum let out a laugh.

Ruby was always very good at being able to figure out when mum was going away on holiday, and this little lab hated it every time. There must have been a change in the house atmosphere – and of course the packing would begin a little before – and Ruby has certainly twigged.

Ruby whined from within her mum’s suitcase.

‘You can’t come in there, Rubes.’ Mum chuckled, sympathetically. Ruby whined again. ‘Nope. Travelling wouldn’t be very comfy in there!’

Ruby Labrador hiding in suitcase

Ruby looked up lovingly. What she didn’t know was that her mum had a surprise for her too…

‘You’re coming too Ruby!’

Her mum had planned a trip away to the Peak District; a rented cottage amongst lots of beautiful forests and nature walks, where Ruby could get muddy and mucky and have oodles of fun, and mum and pup could have fun together. After all her trips away with friends and family, she finally wanted a trip that revolved her best friend of all – and now it was all planned!

Meanwhile, Ruby knew that tone – good news! Ruby leapt up into her mum’s arms and began to lick her face furiously. After all of her mischief, Ruby was going on holiday with her mum! It was a dream come true!

Tune back in next time for more of Ruby’s adventures, or submit your photos with a story and you and your pup might get featured on our next Mutts and Pups Story Time!

Until then, here are some final pictures of Ruby loving puppy life at home…

Dog sat on sofa in conservatory

dog Labrador on sunlounger