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Meet Buddy, Our Sponsored Guide Dog in Training!

Buddy our sponsored guide dog

Meet BUDDY! He is a yellow Labrador and only 6 weeks old in this photo. He is about to start out on his training to become a guide dog!

Buddy is a bouncy puppy who loves to play with his friends and carers in his pen and in the garden. He is a confident and inquisitive pup and it is hoped that this confidence and big personality will help him to become a guide dog. He will eventually be taking on a life changing job both for him and his new owner. Once he is fully trained he will be helping someone with sight loss gain freedom and independence in their day to day life.

It takes many hours of training and support over 24 months to train a guide dog. The dogs are taught to understand that when they are not in their harnesses they are allowed to play with other dogs, but once in their harness, they know they are working and will ignore other dogs. They are trained to recognise hazards and will refuse to cross a road if they see danger and they will take their owners to an empty seat on bus, or make sure they guide them to the handrail next to steps. They will also be trained to recognise their owner’s house, even if all of the houses along the road look the same.

It is a big responsibility that the pups take on when they commence their training and not all pups turn out to be suitable. Sometimes they need to find other jobs or are re-homed, sometimes with their puppy walkers.

Buddy is just starting his training. Muddy Mutts and Pocket Pups believe that Buddy is truly an ‘exceptional dog’ and is sponsoring Buddy, through Guide Dogs, with his training.

We will receive Pupdates every few months about Buddy’s progress and we will post them on our site. We really hope you will enjoy following Buddy.