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Luxury Dog Leads: Everything you need to know

leather dog lead

Owning a dog can be an amazing thing, they bring a new source of joy into your daily life. They become a new member of the family, a personality in their own. However, owning a dog isn’t just as simple as feeding and petting them. To own a dog, you must acquire a dog lead to confine to certain laws set within the UK, not only that but it is just another great excuse to get a beautiful new accessory. There are many benefits to come from using a designer dog lead, benefits such as:

  • An effective way to control your dog during training
  • They give you a means of controlling your dog from chasing and scaring other animals, people and children
  • They prevent your dog from wandering into unwanted locations
  • They can prevent your dog wandering into areas that will get themselves and others hurt, such as roads
  • A temporary way of tethering your dog to a safe spot when you cannot give them the attention they need

Yes, owning a lead is a legal requirement, but this does not mean that you have to find the blandest lead out there on the market. You can find a lead that is suitable for your dog’s breed, at the length you require, matching with their collar and other accessories and stylish enough to suit your tail waggers look.

Liberty Print Betsy Dog Lead

What type of lead is best for my dog?

There isn’t just 1 type of lead out there on the market. So which type is right for you and your companion? Needless to say, different breeds will require different lead, such as a larger more excitable dog such as a Siberian Husky and a German Shepard will require a stronger more robust lead than smaller calmer dog like an English Bulldog and a Pug.

Luxury leads for smaller dog

For the smaller, easier to handle breeds a retractable lead is suitable. This type of leash gives the owner the freedom to make the lead as long and as short as what is suitable for wherever they are. Obviously, if the owner wants to opt for a more robust leash because it suits their pooch then they can, but this is not necessary.

Designer leads for larger dog

For the larger breeds, a retractable lead is not a wise choice. Due to larger breeds being able to pull much more than smaller breeds this could mean that by restricting the length of the lead can result in breaking the leash. If you are looking for adding and detracting length from the lead then we would recommend a training leash, which offers the rugged reliability and strength of a normal leash. Training leashes tend to be made of leather or a high endurance material to withstand the strain of an excitable companion pulling.

The standard dog lead

The good ol’ standard dog lead is what everyone thinks of for their four-legged-friends first leash. It’s easy to use, reliable and the go-to for a lot of dog owners. This type of leash is great for older dogs, dogs that no longer need training or dogs that don’t require the extra room or space when out in public.

Can I choose what size of lead I want for my four-legged friend?rope leads

As some dogs will require more room than others to stretch their legs than the question of size does come up. Not to worry though, many leads come with the ability to lengthen themselves or shorten themselves to suit yours and your companions needs.

Can I pick a dog lead that suits my dogs colour?

Yes! Is the simple answer. When looking for dog accessories such as leads and collars most animal stores and online stores will recommend the matching equivalent accessory.

Does my dog lead have to be boring?

Of course not! That is what we are here for, we have a fantastic range of designer dog leads for you to choose from. You have a great choice of colours, materials and designs to make sure you find what you want. Not only can you find different colours and patterns for your friends lead but you can also find different materials that the leash can be made out of. Not only does unique lead show other dog lovers that you spoil your adorable pooch.

If you want to learn more about dog leads for your loving four-legged-friend then you can always contact us via our web page or call us on 01572 821409