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Luxury Dog Collars: all you need to know

luxury leather dog collar

For a lot of families, their pet pooches have become so much like a family, that they become a brother or sister to them, or often the baby. And for some families, they try to spoil their companion as much as possible. Dog collars are a great way to make your furry friend stand out amongst the other pooches out there. And nothing shows off your companion more than a luxury dog collar. Not only do they help hold valuable information, but can become a large part of the dog’s personality and appearance. And at the end of the day, we all want to spoil our four-legged companion.

Why spend the money on luxury dog accessories?

When buying a luxury dog product you’re making the statement to other owners that you are serious about your pet, nothing but the best is good enough for your dog. Also, when buying a luxury dog product, you’re also paying for what you get. Quality. Something that is rugged enough to stand up to all the rolling around in the mud, walks in the rain and the heat from the sun.

Do I get my monies worth with luxury dog collars?

Simple answer. Yes! The collar becomes as much as part of the dog as its bowl. For some dogs they have 2-3 collars for their lifetime, so don’t they deserve to be treated to a high quality, comfortable collar that will last them a long time. Also, quality products are made with the sole purpose of lasting much longer than a cheaply made alternative.

luxury dog collars

Does getting a luxury dog collar have to be expensive?

The general understanding when the word ‘luxury’ is included with a product is that you’re going to be re-mortgaging the house to pay for the product. However, this is not always the case. Yes, prices are skywards compared to the common collar, but not by much. You can spoil your pooch with quality products below the £20 mark. Obviously, the higher quality leather is further up the price range, but this does show getting your furry friend a quality product doesn’t have to ‘break the bank’.

Can I find a collar perfect for me and my dog?

Yes. There are a whole different variety of luxury dog collars out there, there is always a perfect fit for you and your pooch out there. Whether to fit in with your lifestyle aesthetics or to serve its simple purpose. There are also more than just quality collars out there, a variety of harnesses, bandanas and walking leads are also available on the market for owners who like to treat their dog. A plethora of different accessories out there just to perfectly fit you and your pet.

If you’re looking for a new addition to your four-legged friend’s wardrobe, or just in desperate need of a new collar, you can visit our website to browse our range of dog collars, walking leads, harnesses and other luxury dog accessories. If you would like to contact us about any of our products you can visit our contact us page.