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Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter: Cosy Tips for Colder Months

3 dogs in hunter dog coats in different colours

It’s December, and winter is already upon us – for us dog lovers, as well as keeping yourself nice and toasty on those frosty dog walks, it’s important to keep your dog warm too! Some dogs are built for the cold chills, but others not so much. For those breeds that aren’t so tolerant to the slush, there are dog accessories you can buy and tips you can follow to keep them safe and warm this winter:

Wrap Up in Winter Coat

For dogs with a low fur coverage you may want to give them extra protection from the cold. You can purchase a winter coat to help keep them warm, like one from our Denali or Uppsala ranges. Dog coats covers the main part of their body, and is great for the cold British climate but you may want to invest in some dog booties for thick snow. All our dog coats are waterproof and making them great protection against rain, and are quilted and fleeced for extra warmth.

dog Coats

Snuggle Up in a Sweater

Winter sweaters are excellent for short-hair pups who need a bit of extra layering come wintertime and are more indoor appropriate than winter coats. They are not waterproof but provides an added layer of warmth that your dog will love. They are usually cheap, and come in a variety of styles including Christmas patterns, perfect for the festive season!

Dog boots/Winter boots.

If your dog companion finds walking in the snow difficult and winds up shivering their whiskers off after only a little while outdoors in extreme cold weather, then you definitely protect their poor paws from frostbite. Minimise cold damage by getting them some sole protection. There are dog boots that just provide cold protection and then there are bots that are for high performance/active dogs as well.

Warm place to catch some Z’s

Do make sure that your dog has somewhere warm to rest at any time. Be that a spot in front of the fire, or a warm bed by a radiator, that way you can ensure that they can go to a nice room in your house or the garage where they can lay down and warm up when needed. That way you can keep an eye on how they are dealing with the cooler temperatures and adapt your home to make sure they are comfortable and happy!

Hold Them Close with A Handbag

osh Perth Dog Carry Bag - Pink

For those teeny pups who just want to be close to mum when the weather gets a bit nippy, a handbag is the perfect way to keep them close and cosy, as well as up and off the cold floor. Stop the shivers and cuddle away the cold!  

Get a Cold Weather Pet Door

If your dog likes to be outside, perhaps invest in a pet door so they can go in and out of your home at will. And as above, make sure there’s somewhere warm to go to after all that playtime in the snow!

There are a myriad of things that you can do to protect your dog during the colder months. These tips are some of the best we’ve found, so we hope with these you will be able to have a great holiday season with your dog, keeping pups well taken care of, safe and most importantly warm!