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How to keep dogs cool in summer

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[wp-rss-aggregator]The temperature during the summer can soar up so much that your dog finds it extremely difficult to be as active as it should. In such cases, it’s vital that you find ways to ensure that they manage the high temperatures well. However, most people don’t even know what to do for when the temperatures have become too hot to handle. Make the dog more comfortable and happy by making sure that you keep your dog cool in summer with these various tips.

These tips and ideas are very simple and can be done super quickly – ensuring that your dog stays cool.

Here are some of the tips for you:

1. Keep the dog always hydrated

To keep your dog cool in summer, you need to have a lot of cool water on hand all the time, especially when you take a stroll with the dog. One way of keeping him hydrated and cool that’s considered the easiest is by ensuring that you always carry a collapsible, portable water bowl and cold water in bottles. The idea here is to ensure that at least every hour, the dog takes a drink. Alongside this, whenever you notice excessive panting, get the dog to a shade and provide it with more water immediately.

2. Make sure that he’s Wet

During outdoor gatherings, one way to ensure the dog is kept cool is by allowing him to engage in water play activities or take part in swimming. Therefore, if you have plans to attend a gathering, get to the venue ahead of time and make a determination on the availability of water for your dog. As a plus idea, it would be a great idea to bring along some old towels to help you with drying the dog once he’s done playing.

dog playing with water sprinkler in summer

3. Ensure he doesn’t stay out on the midday sun

During the hot days, it’s best not to exercise with the dog out in the sun. If you have to, make sure that any time that makes you feel too hot or midday hours are avoided at all costs. Whenever you take a walk with him, be sure to avoid hot asphalt as these can burn the paws of the pet.

4. Don’t Keep him in a Parked Car

There are unfortunately many tragic stories about people who have kept their pets in the car while it was parked in heatwaves – the temperature in the car can tragically cause death or even organ damage that can’t be reversed. There should never be any moment you leave the dog in a parked car as the temperature in the car is likely to soar up quickly in the in a hot car

5. Keep Him out of the Dog House

During hot weather, a dog house isn’t the best place for your dog. This is because the temperature raised inside them by blocking the flow of air and trapping the hot air inside. Even when the dog is out of the house, be sure to have him/her stay in a shade as often as possible. You need to have plenty of water for the dog as well.

6. Keep The House Always Cool

Whenever you leave the dog in the house, ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. Close the drapes and leave the air conditioner on. For those who don’t have AC, you can turn on a fan and leave the windows open (of course ensuring they are not open enough for your dog to escape!). You may also want to try a cooling mat or a cooling vest.

With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your dog cool and super happy in the summer and ensure that they aren’t negatively affected by the extreme heat that comes during the season.