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Essential Dog Training Equipment

A young woman is walking her puppy

Need to train your dog or puppy? Are you concerned about getting a load of dog accessories and training equipment? Luckily, you don’t need many supplies to get your furry friend trained, however, there are a few things that can make the job much easier. Just remember training a dog can take time, take a look at some of our tips below.

Dog Treats

Dog treats are probably the most vital part of training if you use an encouraging reinforcement of dog training, such as a clicker. The use of treats is a very low-cost way to keep dogs interested, motivated and a great way to reward your dog with something they love for good behaviour. The training treats should only be small and easy enough for your dog to eat.

Dog Crates & Dog Beds

Dog crates and dog beds play an enormous part in dog training. Dog bed training is one of the easiest methods of housetraining a dog. Dog crates allow you to limit your dog to a safe space when you are unable to oversee them. This way it stops your dog from developing bad habits and manners, these may include chewing and destructive behaviour. Your dogs’ crate should be an enjoyable place for them, therefore, place some toys in the crate these will also comfort the dog.

A Dog Clicker

A clicker is a small device that you hold in your hand and use it to make a clicking noise when your dog performs the behaviour that you like, or they have listened to your instruction. You follow the clicking sound by giving your dog a treat. This process is referred to as clicker training. While a clicker isn’t completely necessary for training a dog, but it does help with getting them to behave the way you have instructed them to. The clicker works because your dog connects the sound of the clicker with a reward so, you can quickly tell your dog what they have done correctly, the clicker method won’t work if you don’t follow through with the treat all the time, or if you are inconsistent.

person using training clicker with black and white dog

Treat pouch

If you aren’t keen on the clicker but still want to reward your dog with treats the treat pouch will enable you to do so. When using treats when training your dog is key, treat pouches enable you to keep treats with you wherever you go which is very important in the early days of training.

Treat dispensing toys/chews

Some of the most common behaviour problems are digging and destructive chewing this can be a result in your dog being bored, treat dispensing toys are great for this due to the fact that you can fill these toys with a small treat and your dog will happily spend time trying to get it out. This also helps teach your furry friend what they can chew and what they can’t as they will be receiving a reward afterward. You can reuse these chew toys time and time again due to them being fairly indestructible.

Training Leads and harnesses

When taking your dog out for a walk you want to make sure that they are comfortable. Whilst an adjustable dog training lead can give your dog more freedom, it’s important that the lead allows you to be in control at all times. A shorter lead would also be better when training your dog as you want them to walk beside you rather than pulling ahead.  If your dog is a very small dog or is boisterous and energetic a harness would be much safer and more comfortable for the dog. The loop to attach the lead is on the dog’s chest instead of on the dogs back so, will also make controlling the dog easier. The dog harnesses are a lot safer if the dog is pulling on the lead, as their tracheas and chest can easily be bruised. Not only are dog harnesses more comfortable for your dog during training but also offer a better training experience whilst limiting the dangers that pinch and chain collars cause.