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Cute and Unique Dog Collars to Make Your Pooch Stand Out

cannes luxury leather dog colar in bold blue on dog for unique dog collars to make your dog stand out article

Whatever the weather, brighten up any dog walk with cute and unique dog collar to make your pooch stand out! There are so many options out there, from luxurious leather coloured in bold and beautiful hues, to quirky patterns and fashionable fabrics including tweed and natural tanned leather, and we have a range with something for everyone.

Below we’ve collated some of our favourites along with some of our most popular designs, so read on for some inspiration and help finding the perfect collar for your pet – cute ones for those who love the classic styles and some unique designs and colours for those pooches who want to try something different!

Go Pretty in Pink

Our Ronay Harris tweed collar is perfect for those country bumpkins who want to flout something a little more unusual or to add some extra chic for the city pups. Made from quality tweed and dyed this fabulous pink to pack a punch, your pocket pup will look truly adorable in this piece. Click here to view it in more detail.

Ronay pink tweed dog collar by the elegant hound resized

Cannes You Find a Better Collar?

Our Cannes luxury leather dog collar comes in few fabulous colours including this bold blue and a fresh orange or bright red, and is perfect for all breeds and genders. These brave shades will definitely draw a few gazes of passers by, and the quality Hunter craftsmanship and nappa cow leather means your pooch will look prim and proper, come rain or shine!


Cannes-Luxury-Leather-Dog-Collar in Blue on dog with matching leather lead and owner holding it in background

Unique Candy Cane Swirls

Although Christmas has been and gone, these peppermint swirls are just darn sweet. Our leather Candy Cane dog collar from one of our independent retailers is hand-printed, with a unique and bespoke print done every time, so you are really getting a totally irreplaceable dog collar with this piece!

candy cane abstract fabric dog collar

Nothing Like Neon

You won’t find anything quite like this neon contrasting-colours dog collar, with a quirky alternate design and dazzling shine to put your pooch in the prime position in the park or out on walk-ab-outs in town. Our neon collars come in both pink and zingy yellow and lime green and fun-filled orange, to bring out the hues in your handsome hound’s coat, whatever you prefer.

Yellow and Pink bright neon dog collar on small pup

Cute Daisy Chain Necklace

There’s nothing cuter than a nice floral design and this daisy-decorated Woodhouse floral dog collar with vintage blues is a winner with so many of our customers. The colours are not too brash like some of the other quirkier collars you can get, so suit those who want a collar that’s a bit easier on the eyes!

Woodhouse-Stylish Blue Floral Fabric Dog Collar Town and country

Fun Floral Prints

Another floral option, this soft red fabric collar is a wonderfully comfortable option for your pooch, as well as being an adorable accessory addition.

Firle -Red Floral Fabric Dog Collar

Rare Roses

Finally, our Krazy Rose Vario Basic Alu-Strong dog collar combines fun and funky colours with our cute floral themes, and is both one of our cheapest collars, and our strongest. We also think it looks beautiful along with these benefits, making it one of our favourites to recommend when looking for a special dog collar to make your dog stand out!

Crazy Krazy Rose Vario Fabric Basic Alu-Strong with Aluminium Clip_ Strong_ Dog Collar

We hope you enjoyed our article and found some inspiration here for some interesting and different collar designs for your muddy mutts and pocket pups, but for more ideas, please browse our ranges below: