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Top 7 Designer Dog Accessories for Young Pups

Dogs are man’s best friend. It is undeniable that people love them and want to spoil their new part of the family. Of course, dog owners only want what’s best for their dogs – to the extent that they would be more than happy to splurge money on them.

Designer brands are aware of this deep relationship between dogs and their humans. Some luxury brands have created their own collection of pup clothing and accessories. Here are the top 7 designer dog accessories that would be perfect for your young pups.

Dog Carrier (Louis Vuitton)

Nothing says luxury like the timeless classic – the Louis Vuitton bag. The brand is known for their line of stylish bags, suitcases, and travel accessories. Imagine getting your beloved pup her very own Louis Vuitton carrier bag.

Staying true to the Louis Vuitton style, the Louis Vuitton dog carrier is made from Monogram canvas that is both water and scratch resistant. This dog carrier is so stylish that it can easily be mistaken for a normal shoulder bag.

The Louis Vuitton dog carrier has a breathable mesh window. It can fit only small dogs, perfect for carrying your Chihuahua around.

Harlow Cuddle Dog Bed (Haute House)

The Harlow Cuddle Dog Bed is perfect for your canine pal to indulge in a comfortable nap. Pamper your dog like he/she’s a royalty with this luxurious and comfortable dog bed.

Conceptualized by Casey Fisher, the designer and owner of Haute House, the Harlow Cuddle Dog Bed was meticulously handcrafted to suit your dog’s needs.

Griffen Pet Bowl (GG Collections)

Let your favourite pooch dine in style with this personalized pet bowl from GG Collections. This chic pup bowl will definitely make a statement.

Each Griffen Pet Bowl can be personalized with your pup’s initials, using a monogram letter. It is made from handcrafted cast aluminium with an antique-looking finish that exudes elegance and class. It also includes two ceramic, dishwasher-safe bowls for your pup’s food and water.

Baxter Dog Collar and Leash (Louis Vuitton)

The Baxter dog collar and leash will make your pup the envy of the dog park. The bold and fashionable style makes it the perfect collar and leash set for your adored pooch.

This Louis Vuitton collar and leash, made from monogrammed canvas, can fit small to medium sized dogs.

Cable Cashmere Dog Sweater (Ralph Lauren)

Keep your puppy warm as she snuggles up in this cute cable cashmere dog sweater from Ralph Lauren. It is the canine equivalent of the classic Ralph Lauren turtleneck sweater.

With this cable-knit sweater, your dog will definitely walk the dog park in style. You can custom embroider your dog’s name at the back for a personal touch. It is available in small to medium sizes and various colours to choose from.

Dog Trench Coat (Ralph Lauren)

A trench coat for dogs? Why not? This trench coat does not only shout fashion. But, it also keeps your buddy warm and bundled up. Your dog will definitely not fall out of style in this trench coat. This adorable trench coat is the perfect outfit for your dog’s wet weather walks.

Available in all sizes, the dog trench coat from Ralph Lauren is fully-adjustable to make sure it is snug and perfect fit.

Bon Ton Blue Diamond Crystal Waste Bag Carrier (Frida Firenze)

During your walks, it is inevitable for your puppy to poop. You can still look chic and couture while picking up after your dog.

The Bon Ton Blue Diamond Crystal waste bag carrier by Frida Firenze is hand-made in Italy. It has a crystal décor that would make it being a waste bag carrier discreet. Each Bon Ton waste carrier bag has a laser-engraved Frida Firenze logo as a proof of authenticity.