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5 Travel Essentials You Need for Your Dog

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Whether you have a puppy or an older dog that you want to travel with, there are a handful of dog accessories or puppy essentials that you need to include as you pack. So, whether you’re taking a vacation or just travelling around the country, you can’t afford to leave behind certain dog products. These items will enable your dog to enjoy the trip and not to suffer the shock of travelling. The list of the dog essentials is long but here, we outline the 5 most important of them all. These are:

  1. Up To Date Pet Vaccinations

One of the top things you must include in your pack as you travel with your dog or pup is their latest vaccination records. This will be extremely useful in case of an emergency as you’ll be able to find some of the vital information about your dog’s health state from them. These records are very useful if you’re to board a place where your dog may not be allowed. It would also be very helpful for you to know the vaccination requirements of whatever country you’re visiting. This can be a huge problem as he/she can be denied entry unless they’re up to date with their vaccination.

  1. A Dog Leash and Dog Collar

Without a  dog collar and a leash, you won’t be able to have enough control over your dog when you are travelling. Places where your dog hasn’t visited before present, them with smells that are unique and they may find it difficult to stop exploring. So, the only way to stop them from running off to explore whatever they’re interested in is to have enough control with a collar and a leash.

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  1. Dog Tags

When your at home but even more so when you are travelling you need to ensure that your dogs ID tags have the correct details on them, you need to take precautions to prevent your friend from disappearing. The tag should be a current one with an emergency phone number on it. It should be attached firmly to the harness or collar. This way when you are abroad hopefully someone will call you as they may not be able to scan your dog for their microchip.

  1. Dog Food and Water

Most dogs will experience stomach upsets if they feed on a new food. To avoid causing this problem to your furry buddy, ensure you’ve carried along their favourite food. Water is also vital for the dog. So, carry them as much drinking water as you can. In case the water runs out, bottled water can be a back-up. Just make sure to mention your dog food if you are travelling abroad so you do not get into trouble with any customs at the airports.

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  1. First Aid Kit

Dog first aid kits can be found in pet stores around you. Alternatively, you can put together your own and carry it with you. Things to include are adhesive tapes, antiseptic moist wipes, tweezers, gauze bandages and scissors.


If you want to have a fun trip then make sure you carry along these 5 vital items for your dog when you travel with them, they’ll find the trip quite comfortable and enjoyable. You’ll also find travelling with them quite convenient.