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5 Must-have dog accessories you need before buying a Puppy

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If you have ever thought about getting a puppy to add to your family or have already made the decision that you are & now its just deciding which furry friend you want to bring home then there are a few things you need to think about before you get your puppy home. Firstly (and we know this sounds cheesy!) you need to understand that a puppy is for life, not something you just decide to buy on a whim. If you have put everything into consideration and are ready to bring that new bundle of joy into your life then there are a few puppy accessories that you will need, if you are wondering what to include in your puppy checklist then we have you covered. You’ll need as much new puppy advice as possible to ensure that when you finally bring the puppy home, their first experience is going to be a good one in their new home. There are a lot of things that your young pooch will need. However, there are some that you must have ready. 5 of the most important puppy accessories include:

  1. Dog bowls for food and water

Dog bowls are something that you must have for ready for your young dog before you finally bring them home. These can be made from various materials of plastic, ceramic and stainless steel. Plastic is the least expensive of all but can harbour microbes and are easily chewed by the pooch. Ceramic can be expensive but means your puppy won’t be able to chew it because it’s heavy. However, it can contain lead which can be harmful and it easily breaks if you were to drop them. The best option of the three is stainless steel except for the fact that it’s the most expensive of the three. The bowls should also be the right sizes.

  1. Dog lead and dog collar

A combination of a dog leash and dog collar are obviously essential puppy accessories for any dog owner. So, if you’re an individual intending to buy a young pup, these are a must-have. In fact, it’s advisable to have more than one of each so that you can use them either at home or while you’re travelling with your pup. The dog collar will contain your dog’s identification tag and the dog lead helps you in controlling your pup when you’re taking a walk or during training.

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  1. Dog toys and dog chews

Dog toys and dog chews are a very important set of dog accessories for any puppy or dog. Be sure to bring plenty of them for your pup in anticipation for their coming. These make the young dog happy and helps build your relationship with them. The toys help you bond with your dog as you play together. Chews are great, especially for keeping dogs busy while they’re left alone at home or you’re busy doing something and you want to keep them occupied.

  1. Dog food

It may be an obvious thing to have some dog food ready for the coming of the pup for most people. However, quite a lot of people only remember to get their new puppies food after they’ve brought them home. You need to have some food ready so that when they come home, they find it ready. This will allow them to find settling at home much more comfortable.

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  1. Dog crate

Though some people may not agree, crate-training a new puppy is a noble idea. Dog crates are safe places for the young dog to sleep and rest. Also, when you’re away, they don’t get the chance to roam around and chew things that inappropriate and therefore don’t injure themselves. Dogs that know that the crate is their den and safe place are easy to travel within it. Also, when you’re supposed to confine them, they’ll find the crate comfortable and safe.


There you go. If you were looking to find what to give priority when bringing a new furry companion home, then these are the top 5 dog accessories you need to start with. Get them to make your new puppy have a smooth transition to their new home.