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5 Essential Things Every Dog Owner Must Have

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Dogs need to be able to live comfortable and fulfilling lives at your home. This calls for you as the dog owner to have ready some dog accessories, even before you bring them home. These dog accessories will ensure that their stay with you is stress-free, fulfilling, safe and comfortable. Most of these dog products are readily available at the nearest pet store but if you were looking for some luxury dog beds or designer dog leads then this is the right place to be. You just have to know the very essential ones and grab them for your furry friend. Whether you’re an aspiring dog owner or you already are one, here are the 5 essential things you must ensure you have:

  1. Dog Leads & Dog Harness

Dog harnesses are great for dogs in terms of comfort provision as they eliminate the pressure that may be put on the dog’s neck by a collar. When your dog’s wearing a collar, pressure develops around the neck, causing them to have difficulties breathing. A luxury dog harness, on the other hand, distributes the force evenly around your dog’s chest or on the backside. A two-point connection harness enables easy handling of the pet, restricts pulling and trains the dog to walk beside you. Along with the dog harness, you’ll need a designer dog leash that makes it more comfortable to take the grip on the pet lead.

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  1. Dog Carrier

If you ever want to go on holiday with your furry friend, then you are likely going to need a dog carrier. This is essential if you want to fly somewhere as they are lightweight but still contain your dog, so they do not run around. The downside is that some larger dog breeds would be too big, so you would need to get a dog crate to travel with any larger breeds.

  1. Dog Bed

When you’re in the process of house training your dog, there’s a need for you to have a dog bed for them that fits in the crate. When sleeping at night or just laying for naps, you can place this bed in the crate so that your dog can lay on it. This dog bed placed inside the crate makes it cosier for your canine friend to sleep on nap and is also a source of security for them. There are many options for dog beds out there. You should ensure you find one that’ll provide your furry friend with great comfort and cosiness, we stock some fantastic luxury dog beds for you to choose from.

  1. Dog Bowl

Every dog needs to have a food bowl for the obvious purpose of feeding. If you have a young puppy, the dog bowl should be a familiar one since they’ll be feeding more regularly. This is due to the fact that the puppies have a hungry appetite as they grow and will have their favourite food in the familiar bowl. The type of food bowl needs to be a safe one for the dog. It’s shouldn’t be one that they can easily chew or one that has dangerous chemicals. Another vital item to have for your dog is the water bowl which is used for drinking water. It should be made from a material that’s safe for your animal. It can be made from ceramic or stainless still. Plastic can be chewed by the dog and should be avoided as possible.

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  1. Dog Toys

Everyone likes a bit of downtime and the excuse to have some fun. Dogs are the same, they are generally very playful animals. Making sure your dog has enough dog toys is essential because this not only gives them some enjoyment but it also stops them from becoming bored. Not many people know this but dogs, unfortunately, can get stressed out and depressed just like us, this will happen if they are left alone too long without any stimulation. This is why you should make sure you get enough dog toys to keep your pooch entertained. Not only this but as your puppy is growing then chew toys are vital, they will need to be able to relieve the pain they are feeling in their mouths, trust us it’s better getting them a few dog toys then coming home to see your house in pieces!


These are the five essential dog accessories that, as a dog owner, you need to have to make their life stress-free, safe and comfortable.