About Us

Muddy Mutts and Pocket Pups was founded to provide dog lovers with a one-stop shop for all their quality dog accessories, toys, beds and more, providing any special items you might need for your precious best friend.

We know that a dog is more than a pet. Your pooch is part of your family; the one member that never argues and is always there when you need them. That’s why we know how much it means to look after your pet, and whilst you can’t exactly give them the world, you can certainly give them love any other way you can.

Our pets are unique. Some are the Muddy Mutts, that want to roll in the mud and grass, frolic on the beach and live the outdoors life to the full. Others are our Pocket Pups: those who want to keep their paws dry, and enjoy the city life with all of its glitz, glamour and sparkle. And then there are those that enjoy both!

At Muddy Mutts and Pocket Pups we have tried to find unique and beautiful handmade products, many manufactured in England, that will provide that quality that your precious pet deserves. Some of the products are totally individual, so no two are the same.

We try to look for products that are only manufactured from the highest quality materials and to the highest specifications, and stock a wide range of designer dog collars and accessories from well-known brands such as Hunter.

We believe that your dog deserves not only the best quality, but a highly individual style and that is what we aim to offer.

Your Muddy Mutt or Pocket Pup deserves the best – and we only stock the best! So go on – please browse our site, invest in quality and pamper your pooch!